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About Us

Tegle Produkter is a company for manufacturind, maintenance and repair og Tegle woodworking machinery.

Some history:
Tegle woodworking machines have been manufactured in more than 60 years and delivered to 56 different countries. In total it has been produced more than 10 000 machines.

Tegle machines have proved there`s quality. The machines which are being made are for the timber industry and are intended for daily hard run. Despite this the machines survived it all. Despite the fact that some of our clients have renewed machinery, however Tegle have retained there`s place on the market of manufacturers. It is surprisingly large number of machines in many production halls which are over 30 and 40 years old and still in daily operation.

We do not want to stop there. We want to develop our products in close cooperation with our customers. Increasingly, our main focus is on high-speed delivery time, functionality and flexibility of production.

We are convinced that several machines will get a new life with the help of our service, maintenance and modification program.

For this reason we decided to put our priorities into four main activity- groups:

1 : Production of new machines.

2 : Repair and production support.

3 : Service and maintenance.

4 : Modification and factory overhaul.

Tegle Produkter

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